Happy Street




Officially released just under a year ago this app has kept it’s promise to its users, 16 updates have been released since its inception providing a fun, distracting story. Developed by Godzilab and weighing only 47.8 MB it’s a sure time passer when you have a spare few minutes during your day. I’m a sucker when it comes to freemium apps, I download them, play them whilst everything is quick and easy then when it gets to the awful 24 hour waits I delete them and look for the next best thing, but with Happy Street it was a different story. I downloaded it when it first appeared on the App Store last year, the story kept me amused, the characters had charm and completing the tasks gave me a sense of achievement (you’ll understand if you play it). One year on and I still find myself hooked, always checking my progress and keeping my shops and houses up to date. The app is rated 9+ and I understand why, some tasks require you to hit a bird so it poos on your characters heads, why I don’t know, but it just works. There’s a lot of adult humor thrown in the story and sometimes you’re left wondering what actually happens in the houses they live in, but that’s just wrong, it’s a bunch of animals living their day to day lives and they don’t do that.

image (1)

As with every other freemium game, the tasks start off quick, literally taking seconds to complete and leveling up is a breeze. It starts off slow but before you know it you’re making salmon pies and excavating in the mountains. I’m not going to say much more about the storyline as that should be discovered by yourself, it’s much more rewarding and you’ll be surprised at the content this game has to offer. The animations are quirky and the artwork is rich and simple, finer detail can be seen on the buildings and characters making it easy on the eye and enjoyable to watch.

I recommend this game strongly, I’ve made 2 friends download this game now and both of them still play it everyday. You may one day join my street too and we can all live on Happy Street together, and like the title suggests, we’ll be happy forever.

Verdict: An extensive collection of humor, story lines, characters and rewards that keep you entertained.





Well what can I say about Happy Street? It’s one of the only games I keep on my phone for long periods of time and always end up going to check back even if I’ve spent some time away. The graphics are both fun and simple which is perfect for anyone with a small attention span like myself. I was originally forced into playing the game after sitting across from Adam watching him obsessed with his phone. Then I finally purchased my iPhone and that was it my free time was over.

image (3)

I can honestly say I have spent some money on this game as I wanted to progress which shows just how addictive it really is, as its not every game you see me pull money out for. I love the missions as they’re not too difficult but also keep you going back. Everything about the game is exactly what a game should be, think Farmville but A LOT cooler!

I give Happy Street a very noble 4 taps –




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