The Future of the iPhone

What Apple should do with the future of the iPhone, at least before Samsung creates their own.


Apple have always talked about buttons, and how they will one day be history. However, to this day nothing has changed on any of the iOS devices when it comes to the buttons, maybe a few dimension changes or a tweak in where they are located, but still they remain, on the side of the iPhone and iPad waiting for their impending death.

I want to help Apple here and show them that they too can move forward and make me happy, who wouldn’t want to make me happy? I thought so. Without Steve Jobs around, and the current board members worried about innovation within the company whether it’s the lack of innovation or they have too much i don’t know, but this is one they need to get to grips with, pronto.

One aspect which really took my interest was the screen at the side of the phone, it’s unlikely that it will ever happen but heres hoping the execs over at 1 Infinite Loop are looking into making this happen ;).


Here is another image showing how Apple could advance in their effort to make buttons obsolete, the touch screen at the side of the device could be used in replacement of the hardware buttons we currently find on our devices, it would be interesting to see what Apple have in mind for the volume/vibrate buttons, the ones above look elegant, simple and much more ahead of the competition out there. Below are a few more images of showing how the side screen could potentially be used.





Doesn’t it look stunning, iOS7 has never looked so beautiful.



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