Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Review




This one is mainly for Final Fantasy fans. As you will know, we all have deep, emotional connections with the ones we have played, countless hours sat staring at the TV falling in love with your favourite character. Mine being Tidus from Final Fantasy X, still my second most favourite video game EVER!

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The Final Fantasy Series has been around for years, setting the standards for every other RPG game out there. Countless times they have pushed the bench mark, visually and with their story telling. Capturing imaginations all across the globe. This little app they released last Christmas lets you jam along to your favourite songs from the Final Fantasy games, it’s a free app, however the songs are available through purchases that are made inside their store. It comes packed with two songs, one from FFX and another from FFVII.

If you’re a devoted fan to the series I suggest you download this now, it’s available for both the iPhone and the iPad!

Thank you for the nostalgia SQUARE ENIX!

Another 4 stars.




Final Fantasy is my jam and this game is completely up my street. I love playing Guitar Hero and anything like it so to be able to listen to some of the best scored music for games and tap along to them is a dream come true, really – it is!

It’s got everyone you love, including Chocobos 😀


The game has 3 different difficulties including expert for those of you who think you’re pretty great at anything. The 2 free levels you can play are a nice length and you get some decent playing time, I’d only wish since last Christmas they’d of maybe added at least a few more free levels or even better switched them round once in a while.

Personally anything Final Fantasy gets a 5 taps from me 😉 –




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