Facetune Review




Let me guess, for years you have dreamt about being a super talented Photoshop user? Being able to make every picture flawless and owning your own model agency?

However you’ve settled for Instagram or other photo editing apps from the App Store, filtering and adding countless layers over pictures of yourself, just to get rid of that spot.
Even worse, adding CamWow filters into your life and allowing them to advertise their logo all over your god damn social presence.
Well my friend, I have brought a message for you from the heavens. A saving grace, a second chance (or your last chance for those who post cringe worthy edits).
Also, it comes as a saviour for me, hopefully in the near future I won’t have to see those awful edits filtering through Facebook and Twitter. Sometimes the edits are just as ugly as the person. Nobody wants to be made of plasticine or rubber. Some of you should take note.
Enough of my troubles, I now present to you the only app you will ever need to make yourself look pretty, beautiful and flawless.



It’s a tuner, but for your face. With this app you can cover those spots, whiten your teeth, change the colour of your eyes and even mask over those wrinkles. It costs £1.99, it’s cheaper than a meal deal from your local Tescos. I strongly suggest you get it, it’s amazing at what it does!

It beats learning Photoshop and it’s much cheaper. You can clear hair, shave your eyebrows, plump up your cheeks and even apply make up.

Beautifully done Lightbricks Ltd. social networks are now filled with model wannabes, you’ve earned a whopping 5 taps!




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