Radballs Review

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Kinda like a musical Tetris with better music. Much better music.

The aim of the game is to create blocks, made up of the little balls that fall onto your screen. The description on the App Store goes like this “addictive, beat fueled action puzzler for your iPad, iPhone and iPod” (for those of you who have iPods, I suggest you get an iPhone already). The game boasts some original musical scores exclusively for the app, produced by Neil Voss (of N64 fame) there are also guest appearances from Com Truise, Misfit Chris and Daze.

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The game is very reminiscent of old school arcade style puzzlers, remixed with DJ games that are more 2000’s. You can even add in your own music to make it more enjoyable.

The visuals are beautiful, the colours literally burst out all over your face. I’d keep a wet wipe handy. The only downside to this app, it still isn’t optimized for the iPhone 5 screen…why? I do not know, the iPhone is now a year old. Come on Glow Play, get your act together!

Well done Glow Play, you’ve given us another 4 taps.




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