Candy Crush Review


Switch and match your way through more than 300 levels


Candy Crush is brought to you by Limited who to be quite honest must be dead happy with themselves making allegedly over a million dollars per day! They’ve built themselves quite an impressive game that is basically EVERYWHERE you look. Whether it is a notification on Facebook or your friends face stuck to their iPhone whilst you try to make a conversation with them. I’ll never forget that moment I turned to one of my friends and said what are you playing? “Candy Crush” and that was it, I lost 3 weeks of my life. Candy Crush has over 300 levels and plenty of different types of candies to keep you occupied for months. It’s a lot like Bejewelled (who wasn’t obsessed with this?) where you have to match up candies in order to take them off your screen, any 5 year old could play it.

Each level has a different task and a different amount of moves to do it in. Candy Crush is a Freemium app but sometimes requires a little help from your Facebook friends to help you continue, alternatively though you can purchase a pass to skip these blockades or if you’re good you can try your hand at 3 boss like stages which may require you to wait around for lives once in a while. With me being a non-Facebook user that was always a problem but I’d always keep checking back when I knew I could just to get my fix. I’ve recently dragged myself out of the spell that is Candy Crush but eventually I’ll end up going back.

image (2)

My rating for Candy Crush is a solid 4 taps out of 5, they lose out on a point for all the damn waiting around I had to do!




Candy Crush. That’s all I have to say. When i was younger, i had this woman who was like a mum to me, she fed me, she loved me and cared for me when i was unwell. I say it in past tense because that’s exactly how it is. I introduced my mum to Candy Crush a couple of months back and it’s consumed every moment of our precious time together ever since.

Okay I joke I joke, the time me and my mum spend together could never be shadowed by Candy Crush, but i won’t deny the countless of requests and passes i receive from that one woman, I don’t know where she finds the time. I swear i once received one in the early hours of the morning when she was asleep, which proves she has found an alternative universe where Candy Crush is installed in every human brain in the world (it’s a bit far fetched but i don’t care).

One thing i am jealous of though, the developers are rolling in it now off a basic idea spruced up with candy and colourful images.

I only have 3 taps to give you, but I doubt you care, you’re a millionaire.




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