For weeks we have had the luxury of playing around with Apple’s new iOS, creatively titles ‘iOS7’. For most, it was a shock to the system, gone where the skeuomorphic designs and the borders of every touchable icon. The world was in shock.

Last year Scott Forstall was axed from the Apple board, something the company isn’t shy of doing. He led the company into distress over their attempt at cracking the mapping service and trying to go head to head with Google Maps, a service that has been perfecting its worldwide coverage for years. For what reason? Some things are best left unknown.

Well, Scott was the only person at Apple in favour of skeuomorphism. The late Steve Jobs was a big fan too and he was the only pushing force behind Scott, enough pushing force to bend the whole company into liking skeuomorphism. It was only natural the company would take a step away from their roots and try something new with their aging mobile software. For 6 years the user interface stayed the same, with a few updates over the years it’s only the dock of the screen that carries the most change.

Luckily, Sir Jonathan Ive is now at the helm of the iOS team. He is leading the company into a much more simplistic, colourful and non-skeuomorphic operating system.

Enough about why iOS7 is the way it is, and more about what we think here at Tap This App!

First and foremost:

The Home Screen

Pretty big difference right from the start. The most dramatic change are the Apple icons, gone are the shadows and 3D looking edges, instead, you’re left with a beautiful shaded icon. Personally I didn’t like it at first, I thought the icons looked dreadful, they lacked any creativity and looked rushed. I read on several websites that these icons were not the finished products, instead they were rough drafts by the marketing team and not the design team. I now realise that was a lie as nothing has changed besides a few colour tweaks. They have grown on me, but I will still keep my hopes up for better ones soon!

One thing you might notice, Spotlight Search is no longer accessed by swiping to the left on your first home screen. You can read more about that further down.

6 Home screen 7 Home screen

New Message

Biggest change to the Messages app is the design, the functionality is practically identical. The text bubbles now have a slight gradient that changes as you scroll. It’s a small touch but it’s nice on the eyes.

6 new message  7 new message

Spotlight Search

No longer need to swipe left on the home to screen to get to the spotlight search. You can swipe down from the middle of the screen, you can do this from any screen on your iPhone. It’s just like it was before, from here you can access everything searchable on your phone. Messages, videos, podcasts, you name it. It can all be accessed from any home screen. You can change what appears in here in the settings > general > Spotlight Search, here you can turn off the stuff you don’t want to appear there and also change what ranks highest.

6 spotlight 7 spotlight


The camera now offers live filters and an option to take square photos, for those who love Instagram this will go down a treat. It looks so much smoother and current. Like upgrading from a throwaway to a digital camera. The Camera App now comes with live filters, making a lot of third party camera apps useless.

Also available now is the option to take your photos through a square lens. Guessing this will be on the hype of Instagram and the generation it has created that share the little square snaps. It’s a cool addition, a fitting one for Apple.

6 camera 7 camera

Notification Centre

6 notif 7 notif

Control Centre (iOS7 only)

For those of you who are constantly turning your wifi on and off, or when you need a torch but can’t be bothered going into your camera, switching to video, turning flash on (it even dragged writing about it) you can rejoice, there’s a nifty little button for it on here!

7 control


6 set 7 set

Safari Tabs

You can now have unlimited tabs and you simply swipe your page to the left and it disappears!

6 saf 7 saf


6 phone 7 phone


6 weather 7 weather

App Store

6 app 7 app

iTunes Store

6 itunes 7 itunes


6 music 7 music

Game Centre


6 gc 7 gc


6 mt 7 mt

Message Feed

You really should tell your friends about this website.

6 mf 7 mf


6 folders 7 folders

There you have it, our review of iOS7. We love it, it’s refreshing, it’s new and overall gets 5 out of 5 taps from us here at Tap This App!

Well done Apple, as always, you’ve outdone yourself.



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