Triple Town Review

triple town



I can honestly say this is the most light hearted, time consuming game I have ever played on my iPhone.

It looks cute right? For most parts it is, there are bears, castles, churches and little people that bob about. Then, it gets ugly, these horrid little ninja bears come along and just do nothing but get in your goddamn way!

Okay, i’ll get back to the review, this game holds a little space in my heart. I first downloaded it a couple of years ago because a I saw a friend playing it and thought it looked cool. From that day I never looked back. The gameplay is basic and original, the goal – the larger the city you build, the more points you score. Simple. You build the city by matching three or more game-pieces: combine three grasses to make a bush, three bushes to make a tree and so on, eventually your city will be filled with cathedrals, houses and castles!

IMG_8620 IMG_1759

It sounds simple, but also with the grass and so on, you are given bears – little cute ones. However, these cute little bears are there for a reason, to get in your way as much as possible. You’re just about to place your last piece of grass to make a bush and BOOM, out pops a bear. That means i have to place my grass somewhere else, I don’t want to place my grass somewhere else but thanks to this bear I have to. Don’t worry though, they move around so eventually you get to make your bush.

How do you get rid of the bears you ask? You trap them. Surround them with grass or whatever you want and when there’s three of them trapped together, they die and form a Church. I wonder what three Churches create?

The bears have cousins, evil cousins. Horrible horrible relatives. With that i’ll say no more.

It’s free to download so there’s nothing to stop you from trying it out. You won’t be disappointed, and that I can promise you. There are in-app purchases but none of them are necessary if you’re just looking to waste a few minutes.

You tick every box for me Spry Fox, have 5 taps from me.




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