Dumb Ways To Die Review




Dumb Ways To Die is a game brought to us by Metro Trains Melbourne Pty Ltd. The App is free from the App Store so you won’t be needing to pull out your wallet any time today 😉 The game it’s self is very similar to the old Idiot Test on the internet/iPad. You go through stages in which you have to react quickly before the timer at the top of the page runs out.

image (10)

Now I’m always dead awful at these games as they require some sort of precision but this one is brilliant. The game starts off slow and your aim is to gain points. The more  you gain the better the prize gets that you unlock, from new characters on the start screen to music videos and much more.

image (13)

You can gain points by completing stages fast and also by doing absolutely nothing the game sometimes rewards you. The more you play the faster the game gets and you’ll find yourself having to move your finger to clean up vomit from your screen at a super fast speed, everyone’s dream right? I knew it. The levels are well designed and always have a fun idea behind them, like having to duck from a bear attack or simply tapping away some wasps wanting to sting your face.

image (12)

This App is right up my street and for that I’m giving it a great 4 Taps. You’ve got to download it and give it a try, it really is addictive!




I have to say Nathan, you really do pick your games. Definitely think they designed one of the characters after you ;).

Enough of the virtual flirting and back to the reason i’m here. Dumb Ways To Die was kind of a flash in the pan for me, I tried it when it first appeared on the App Store and I loved the quirkiness. After a while though I felt the game lacked any sort of continuous excitement, the levels were just the same, but faster, like everything was playing in a loop. Loops get boring.

image (11)

On a positive note, I liked the UI and the animations were smooth and fluid, entirely from a design perspective, the game looks great.

Maybe I just don’t like death or I’m being unfair, I challenge you to make your own decision and try it out. Sorry DWYD, you get 1 tap from me. Peace.




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