Musixmatch Review





It’s not a game, I know that. But it’s an issue that has plagued everyone for as long as I can remember. There comes a time in your life where your fav releases a new song and you have no idea what the lyrics are. You just end up ad-libbing all the way through and it’s not really that cool, or fun for anyone else but you. Believe me, i’ve been in those situations were a friend is singing along, messing all the words up and that said song becomes unlistenable thereafter. It’s torture, it’s inhumane and the world doesn’t need this.

Well, in steps Musixmatch, putting subtitles on the music you love and the music you discover! With a simple and intuitive interface, the days of not knowing the words to your favourite song are over. You can connect it with Apple Music and Spotify straight from the app so there’s no awkward flipping between apps to log in and load accounts; it’s all done in house. What sets this apart from all the other lyric apps out there are the cool features it has. You can add and edit the lyrics of any song, create artworks from the lyrics that give you the feels and explore more from the artists that take your fancy. There’s also a Shazam like feature that can listen and pin the song that’s playing around you.

For me this is an essential app to have on my phone, it’s a 5 Taps from me!




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