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If you’re like me, you most likely failed or got a low grade in your languages in high school. I never really saw the point in learning another language, I was always under the impression that i’d never have to use it; everyone in the world knows English right? Oh man I was wrong, as i’ve gotten older, and more exposed to various cultures, the thought of speaking another tongue excites me. I’m sat here wishing i’d paid attention in French and taken it seriously. If you’re reading this thinking the same as me; please, read on.


Duolingo has been hailed as the future of language education. It’s the holy grail of multilingualism. It could be what separates you from another job prospect or partner or a life changing opportunity. It could be what saves you from a writers block, a creative block or even something more personal. Why should your language be limited to one you were taught as a child? In the digital age this issue has never more prevalent. And there’s a ton of help out there, let me enlighten you.

“Far and away the best language-learning app.” —The Wall Street Journal

“Duolingo may hold the secret to the future of education.”—TIME Magazine

PC Magazine Editors’ Choice for Language Learning: “Among iPhone apps for learning or practicing a language, you can’t beat Duolingo.”


It’s free, it’s playful and it’s just the right kind of challenge. In the time i’ve been using it to learn French i’ve expanded my vocabulary vastly, more than I ever thought possible. All without the need of an establishment or learning programme, just 20 to 30 minutes a day in the comfort of my own home, I can access the tools to learn another language that’s fun and personal to me. You can go at your own pace, whether that be slow and steady or super speedy, you learn as you’d want to.

If only this was accessible to the entire world, maybe we’d find more in common with one another. Now has never been a better time to start learning, let this be your starting point. I promise you, you’ll astound yourself.

Thank you Duolingo, I imagine i’ll owe parts of my future to you; 5 Taps!




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