Kingdom Hearts Unchained X





Roughly 14 years ago I entered the world of Kingdom Hearts. An unlikely pair, Square Enix and Disney were fused together in a way that shook the world. There is no denying that the game changed my life, or at least altered it in ways that allowed my imagination to flourish.

Since that first instalment there have been countless titles across many platforms that all tie into the main theme; the heart. The heart hold tremendous power and the key to the entire series.


Before I get carried away by the story, I’ll admit now that this game isn’t for casual gamers, it’s more for die hard fans and those that have dipped their toes into the world of Square Enix or any of the Final Fantasy games. The gameplay is dynamic and feature rich and involves synchronisation, dress grids, levelling up weapons and many other additional tidbits that prove useful to the progression of the story. It’s a game that lends itself to the side story of Kingdom Hearts 1& 2 and the upcoming console game that’s still in development.


If you’ve ever played any of the Kingdom Hearts series I strongly recommend you play this one, it’s fun, familiar and the battle system is pretty neat for a side scrolling 2D mobile game.

Purely out of my love for the games, this is another 5 Taps from me.




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