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We’re glad to be back!


It’s official. We’re back.


I hope you’ve enjoyed the posts from this past week, I’ve had a great time reviewing and telling you my thoughts on the Apps i’ve been using. More will be coming in May as we begin the redesign of Tap This App; bringing it into 2016 and making our home at WordPress more visually pleasing and in line with our branding.

Me and Nathan (he’s doing well and you’ll be hearing his thoughts shortly) have been getting together discussing the future of our blog, we believe the future needs Tap This App. Our time is now; we’re sticking as a team of two. We’re bringing you more reviews, on software, on hardware and maybe by years end we’ll have another project to show you! More on that though as we edge closer to 2017.

Thank you for sticking with us, and for those of you who are new readers, we welcome you to our blog.

Write to you soon, TTA x

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Tap This App is going on hiatus.


A quick update from Tap This App.


As you probably have noticed, it’s been a while since we at Tap This App wrote a review or a helpful guide for you. Well, the silence has ended. We are writing to you at this moment to tell you about the impending hiatus. A lot has been happening recently in both our lives that requires a lot of effort and attention, thus making our posts very limited. Rather than keep you guys waiting and disappointed we feel it’s the right time to take a break. Don’t worry, we are not giving up on Tap This App, just perfectly timing it’s return. Unfortunately we can’t confirm when we will be back and posting but it won’t be too long, we promise.

We hope you have a festive Christmas and your New Years bring you happiness and joy.

Much love, us guys here at Tap This App.

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More about iOS7


Quick update from Tap This App.


2 very successful days on our site, a huge thank you to all the readers tapping in and getting their fix on iOS7s new features.

It’s a huge shift in design from iOS6 and nearly everything has moved or looks different. We want to help you as much as we can by making your shift as comfortable and stress free as possible. To do that we would love for you to help us too.

Please follow us WordPress, Facebook and Twitter. All you need to do is tap the respective icons at the top of the home bar just next to our logo or simply click the links in the last sentence.

It helps us know that we have support.

Again, thank you, and keep a lookout for more Tips & Tricks on iOS7 coming soon.

If there is anything specific that you need help with, just email 1 of us and we’ll do a post for you.

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A well deserved update


Well, it’s a dull, rainy day here today, I have a few spare hours at my disposal, a few hours I thought I’d spend with you. At the beginning, I promised myself that I would fully commit myself to this blog, a way for me to showcase some creativity or skill whilst the holidays surrounded me and London was 300 miles away. It pains me to say that i failed myself, and you guys on that promise. A lot has happened since then, both personally and professionally and I feel right now at this moment, a new wave of determination to make this blog a real life thing for me has taken over, a want, a need, to make it maybe one day, a job.

Writing has always been an interest for me, I am passionate about technology and design and was luckily blessed with good taste for both, so the only natural thing for me to do is this. A blog. For you to take in my opinion, maybe argue with it, challenge it or even influence your own. Whatever it does, just reading it will make my day, the other 3 are all bonuses.

Whilst it may seem that my attention has been focused entirely on everything but this blog and the lack of posts are there to back that up yes, but, you have always been there in the back of my mind, time my friend, it’s what’s been against us. Over the last couple of weeks I have been downloading new apps, paid and free, and some old apps that have been updated with new features and even complete redesigns. With that in mind, I will be bringing to you my reviews and thoughts on all that Tap This App has to say about them. Here are just a few of the apps you will be reading about real soon.







Stay tuned, I pinky promise you that you have not been forgotten about. My time is now in your hands.

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