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Twitter’s Update Review




Twitter has recently released an update available for iOS devices (iOS5, iOS6 and iOS7 ready) with a brand new look. This review is just taking a look at what’s new and how it looks now. Immediately you’ll notice the App icon has now been changed to fit in with the new iOS7 style (see above) this is a good move, I mean you don’t want a horrid looking icon on your main screen do you? I certainly don’t…

image (20) image (18)

When you open the app you’ll notice that Twitter has taken on board the new trend of having flat images instead of any other styles it may have used in the past. The main header is now a nice Twitter blue which I personally think is a really nice touch I mean, Twitter has always had the blue in past images and logos but never really used it in past Apps. You’ll see that the Me page is pretty much the same with a few of the images changed to fit in with the new style (flat images).

image (19)

This also applies to the Home page too, not much has really changed here about from some minor colour changes however you can see that the Thread feature recently released now also looks a lot better with the fresh new look. One of the nicer changes is on the actual tweet page where you can see it fits very nicely with the new keyboard and also has taken a feature of iOS7 with the Cancel and Tweet buttons no longer being buttons but just text instead.

Twitter have made this the perfect companion for iOS7 and it’s worked really well. I give you a great 4 Taps for the new look!




Blur Review




Blur is an App I recently stumbled upon but thought it’d be nice to bring it to your attention. This will probably be one of the shortest reviews we’ve had but really this App is a great tool. Blur. is brought to us by Enormous at the reasonable price of 69p. Recently there has been a big craze with blurring images for backgrounds around the internet and generally in design. why should your phone be an exception? With the release of iOS7 coming on September 18th what better time to create yourself a new wallpaper to keep up with the current trends.

image (8) image (9)

The App has minimal buttons which makes it easy as pie to use. One lets you either take a photograph or select an image to edit. A slider allows you to change the blur amount on the image with a preview of what the outcome will be in the background of the App. Then the final button saves the image to your photos and is ready to use instantly. There you have it, a background perfect for your iPhone within seconds. Who could ask for anything more?

I’m giving Blur. an in the middle 3 taps, I do love the App however is it really worth paying for? I don’t know I’ll let you guys decide!



Paper Review

Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 22.04.53



So apparently I love anything to do with art and the Paper app by 53 is no exception. Paper by 53 is an iPad app that allows you to create drawings, paintings and even keep a diary of ideas if you so wish. When Adam first passed me his iPad with a blank canvas on it, that was the moment I fell in love. Being able to use a screen to do the sort of things I’d normally scribble down on a sheet of A4 is amazing.

photo 3

I’d personally enjoy the app much more if they provided a few more basic brushes from the start however I’d be massively happy to buy them if i owned an iPad myself, in fact it’s apps like this that really make me want to purchase an iPad in general. Being able to store your work in albums is also a great feature the app provides as you can build your own portfolio of images you’ve drawn up. Just recently we went back to the app in order to write this review I saw a few albums we’d previously worked on and it brought a smile to my face.

Thanks 53 you’ve created an amazing app thats right up my street, I’ll be giving you a solid 5 Taps!




I was introduced to Paper by 53 a few years ago when i was scanning the iPad App Store for productivity apps. I literally downloaded every app that was in the top 100 under the free category. I tried every single one, played with the UI‘s, tried the free stuff until eventually they all asked me to pay. I didn’t want to pay. No way. Jose.

So, after i filtered through all of them i was left with one, an app that still holds a few megabytes on my iPad. It has remained strong even whilst death was being thrown about around it, it didn’t even shed a tear. Unfortunately, Paper did take a back seat for a few months whilst i had my mind focused on other activities and a handsome new app (but to protect it’s feelings i won’t mention the name – maybe in a future update:)) to jot down my ideas and scribbles. Until today, i hadn’t even thought about Paper, but going back and seeing what was running through my mind at the time was refreshing and provided a burst of nostalgia.

photo 4

Do you have a cupboard in your house? The kind of cupboard that you shove those tins of biscuits your distant family send you at Christmas. They’re not essential but having them there puts your mind at rest knowing you can survive an apocalypse with a rationing of biscuits. Well that’s what Paper by 53 is. A tin, of paper. You can’t eat it though.

Thank you for saving a few trees and being my metaphorical tin of biscuits. Have 4 taps from me.



Spotify Review




I’ve been a user of Spotify for around 4 years now and I thought it’d be good to share my love with you. I originally used to buy all my music and it all adds up, instead I now use Spotify. I’ve always gone through life listening to one artists song and being crazy obsessed with them and then hunting down their whole album on YouTube or somewhere else, so to be able to do that in an instant is great.

image (7) image (6)

Spotify is a Free app however is very limited to those who do not pay for the premium service but if you do it’s totally worth it. I’ve been a member of Premium for at least 3 years as I think that £9.99 is a great price to be able to listen to unlimited hours of music and being able to use the app on the go. If you are a student you can also get a discount on the premium service too. It’s a great way to keep your music collection with you at all points throughout the day! I can make a playlist of all my favourite songs, save it and listen to it anywhere I want. I can share it with my friends or subscribe to their favourite playlists too. You can also check what artists Spotify suggests you to listen to if you enjoy the one you’re currently listening to, which I’ve found many little treats with. It really does come in handy, not having to wait for music to download, or having to go hunting for that song you really loved you just heard on TV, you get the idea.

I think I should mention that Spotify is one of the only reasons I originally bought an iPhone along with Instagram, which may sound crazy to a few of you but I really do find it THAT useful.

Overall I’d give Spotify a massive 5 Taps for being there for me through all my everyday problems and getting me through the day 😉




Can’t say i’ve always been a true Spotify user like Nathan up there but I can say that I have been a loyal user of their app. Living in London was pretty much a rush for me and keeping my music updated was a rarity in my life. I had to brave all my tube journeys with either no music or listen to my limited collection of songs in my iTunes library. To my result they both made me unhappy and i don’t like being unhappy. I really don’t. Nobody likes me when i’m unhappy either.

Then, along came Spotify. My life – changed forever.

Music was there at my fingertips. I had access to whatever song I wanted (besides Rihanna‘s new album – which is now on the music service after months of being absent) and I was loving it! Although, I found myself listening to the songs that i already had…yeah, I was pretty much wasting an amazing service. However, i then discovered that you could take your music anywhere with you, and i mean, anywhere. There was a cool switch inside the app that allowed you to listen to your songs whilst offline. This basically meant downloading all the songs in the playlist of your choice (which could be all of them if you had sufficient space) and then Spotify would store them in the app for your convenience. No longer was i subdued to silence or the public of London on my commutes to work. I sat happily, with Mariah Carey harmonising in my ears, i was in heaven.

A massive 5 taps from me, Spotify you rock my world.



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