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10 Tips to Improve Your Battery Life In iOS7


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Okay, all I have heard since iOS 7’s debut is complaint after complaint! I agree with you all though, iOS 7 comes with a lot of little extras that can drain away that percentage next to your battery. If you are like me and have the iPhone 5, your battery is roughly a year old and needs a little extra help plodding along.

iOS 7 comes with loads of new advantages, but how do they prove useful with a dead battery?

Luckily for me, I have these 10 handy tips that keep my battery, me and Tap This App happy – tips that I will now be sharing with  you.

So read ahead and tell iOS 7 to kiss your batteries ass!



Yes, parallax is really cool, it’s the one thing I loved to show off when I first got the beta. However, it can be a huge drain on your battery. It’s fun but it doesn’t add any value to your life. Do you need it? No. So you can turn it off by going to Setting > General > Accessbility  and setting Reduce Motion to on.


We’ve already told you what AirDrop is so by now you should know the lowdown. It’s great when you’re AirDropping, but when you’re not, it’s eating your battery whilst looking for another friend. Swipe up your Control Centre and hit the toggle.


Find yourself walking around through town or college and you’re constantly being asked to join Wifi networks? It’s annoying. There’s no need for your phone to keep searching for Wifi, especially when there are no safe networks around. You’ll save yourself some battery life by going to Settings > Wi-Fi > and turn Ask to Join Networks to off. Your phone will now join only the networks it knows.


Deep down in your phone, somewhere, Apple are tracking your location. They are using this information to improve their maps service, a service for the greater good. Does Candy Crush need to know your location? No. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services to get a full list of every app that uses/needs to know where you are. You will probably turn off around 90% of the apps.


Do you really need your apps updating that badly? More important than your battery life? Most likely not, again, it doesn’t add much value to your life. Drag yourself to Settings > iTunes & App Store scroll down a little and you’ll see Updates under the Automatic Downloads. Flick it off and just remember to visit the App Store every so often to update your apps manually, just like you did with iOS 6.


Real-time multitasking looks beautiful on the new software. However, it does have a downside, it means running things in the background, things you might not need. Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and disable background running for the apps you don’t think are important.


Auto-brightness was so useful with iOS 6, but now we have Control Centre. Chances are you won’t even see the benefits of auto-brightness so head over to Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness and flip that switch.


“Allow (Said App) to send you push notification” recognise this? Not all apps need to send you push notifications, they take a lot of power. Go to Settings > Notification Centre and scroll down to the Include section, get rid of the apps you don’t need those pesky notifications from.


If your email isn’t that important, or you have a couple of accounts, turn the less important accounts to Fetch instead of Push, which means your phone will go retrieve mail at set intervals instead of having it pushed to you every single time you receive an email. This one is pretty dependent on how often you get emails and how crucial they are, so you’ll have to feel it out, but you can set to fetch in Settings > Mail, Contacts and Calendar > Fetch New Data.


Let’s be honest. Unless you’re in an advert, nobody actually uses Siri. Let Siri have a little sleep instead of waiting, tongue out, hoping you’ll hold your home button for a little too long. Head over to Settings > General > Siri  and tap that switch.


All about Control Center in iOS7


What is Control Centre you ask?

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 14.36.04

For those of you who have used iOS6 for it’s full length of release or even older versions of the OS, I promise you that this will be one of your favourite things about iOS7. From this simple swipe up you have everything you need at your fingertip.

If you look through my App purchases on the App Store you will see countless Flashlight apps, all claiming to be better at switching my light on, a simple task, yet these Apps claim to change my life with this light. Well, none of them have. Most of them are free, advert funded apps, some of them are pretty, others are God awful!

All hail, the Torch switch in Control Center. That’s it, that little torch icon on the bottom left. Simple. Quick. That’s all I’ve ever wanted from my Flashlight.

Two other little features that have proven helpful are the Clock and Calculator App launchers, when i’m boiling an egg, I need a timer quick, and nothing does it better than my Control Center! Finally, the bottom right corner has always been saved for the camera app. Why is it in the Control Center though when the app is already on your home screen (providing you keep it there) and when your iPhone, iPod or iPad is locked you can access your Camera App by simply swiping upwards on the right of your screen. I suppose it’s handy for those people who are folder centric when it comes to their organisation, but for me, it’s pointless.

From the top you can toggle Airplane Mode, Wifi, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb and Auto-Rotate. These are so convenient, they make you question why Apple would keep these from us all these years. Why Apple, why?

Another handy feature for when you’re out in the sun or your led in bed with your iPhone hovering above your face, brightness. Auto-brightness is genius, I agree, but I can’t say that it has always been there to support me. In my minute of need, I need quick precise brightness shifting! I can now finally breathe as iOS7 has come to my rescue. Sometimes I just sit there and adjust my brightness, why? Because I can.

What is AirDrop and AirPlay you ask again?

What is AirDrop in iOS7?


What is AirDrop?

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 14.59.42

AirDrop is kinda like Apples own Bluetooth. It allows you to share photos, videos, contacts and anything else from any app that has a Share button. The only catch, that other person has to running iOS7 on their iPhone.

It’s a cool feature and I would say it’s arrived pretty late for the iOS ecosystem.

It’s perfect for students, you’re with a few friends working on a project or some other work and you need to show everyone what you’re working with or looking at? AirDrop is all you need (that is if everyone has an iPhone 5 running iOS7) you just press Share and all your friends will appear under your AirPlay and ZOOM, it’s beamed to them. Yes, that quick too! If you’re still unsure about it, try it out for yourself, actually using it is the quickest way to learn about it.

AirDrop has a cousin – AirPlay. They both share a room on Control Center.

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