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What is AirDrop in iOS7?


What is AirDrop?

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 14.59.42

AirDrop is kinda like Apples own Bluetooth. It allows you to share photos, videos, contacts and anything else from any app that has a Share button. The only catch, that other person has to running iOS7 on their iPhone.

It’s a cool feature and I would say it’s arrived pretty late for the iOS ecosystem.

It’s perfect for students, you’re with a few friends working on a project or some other work and you need to show everyone what you’re working with or looking at? AirDrop is all you need (that is if everyone has an iPhone 5 running iOS7) you just press Share and all your friends will appear under your AirPlay and ZOOM, it’s beamed to them. Yes, that quick too! If you’re still unsure about it, try it out for yourself, actually using it is the quickest way to learn about it.

AirDrop has a cousin – AirPlay. They both share a room on Control Center.


How to close (force quit) apps in iOS7?


Want to quit more than one app? Use two fingers. It just works.

Those who are accustomed to iOS6 might find themselves lost when it comes to closing their Apps down from the multitasking screen. Like all things to do with Apple, it’s simple. Alls you have to do is swipe the App upwards and it disappears. It will no longer be working in the background.

IMG_2511 IMG_5537

Just like in the picture, there’s no more need for the little red bubbles above the Apps. Just double tap your Home Button and BOOM!

What happened to the Tweet and Facebook post buttons in Notification Center?


You searched, found nothing, you searched, you found nothing. It’s a horrible loop. iOS7 takes some getting used to. Don’t worry, Tap This App is here to help you, luckily for you, we have had the pleasure of working with the new OS for several months now.

Throughout today we will be gracing you with the answers you have been searching for. Today we will be your iOS7 God. You’re welcome!

6 notif 7 notif

First thing, I see a lot of searches for the Tweet and Facebook post buttons that were at the top of the Notification Center in iOS6. They allowed you to quickly post what was on your mind with a single swipe down from your iPod, iPad or iPhone. Now, they’re gone, so how can you post or tweet quickly in iOS7? Where did they go?

Harsh truth. They were trashed, thrown into the oblivion never to return. Let’s face it, they didn’t belong in Notification Center, they’re actions. They were out of context.

iOS7 does come with a new control center though, maybe this could be the new home for the quick posting buttons many of us probably never used. Maybe they will be there in the next update, we never know. However, they would fit perfectly, is a way, it’s about control. You control your Facebook, you control your Tweets and what better way to access them then through Control Center.

Need an alternative? Use Siri, simply say “post to Facebook” or “post to Twitter” and then dictate what you want to say. It’s incredibly fast, and if you’re in a situation where you can talk to your iPhone, iPod or iPad you’re sorted! A word of warning, not everyone wants to know what you Tweet though, so for you serial Tweeters, stick to using the App.

There you have it, you now know why Notification Center no longer has quick post updates.

Spotify Review




I’ve been a user of Spotify for around 4 years now and I thought it’d be good to share my love with you. I originally used to buy all my music and it all adds up, instead I now use Spotify. I’ve always gone through life listening to one artists song and being crazy obsessed with them and then hunting down their whole album on YouTube or somewhere else, so to be able to do that in an instant is great.

image (7) image (6)

Spotify is a Free app however is very limited to those who do not pay for the premium service but if you do it’s totally worth it. I’ve been a member of Premium for at least 3 years as I think that £9.99 is a great price to be able to listen to unlimited hours of music and being able to use the app on the go. If you are a student you can also get a discount on the premium service too. It’s a great way to keep your music collection with you at all points throughout the day! I can make a playlist of all my favourite songs, save it and listen to it anywhere I want. I can share it with my friends or subscribe to their favourite playlists too. You can also check what artists Spotify suggests you to listen to if you enjoy the one you’re currently listening to, which I’ve found many little treats with. It really does come in handy, not having to wait for music to download, or having to go hunting for that song you really loved you just heard on TV, you get the idea.

I think I should mention that Spotify is one of the only reasons I originally bought an iPhone along with Instagram, which may sound crazy to a few of you but I really do find it THAT useful.

Overall I’d give Spotify a massive 5 Taps for being there for me through all my everyday problems and getting me through the day 😉




Can’t say i’ve always been a true Spotify user like Nathan up there but I can say that I have been a loyal user of their app. Living in London was pretty much a rush for me and keeping my music updated was a rarity in my life. I had to brave all my tube journeys with either no music or listen to my limited collection of songs in my iTunes library. To my result they both made me unhappy and i don’t like being unhappy. I really don’t. Nobody likes me when i’m unhappy either.

Then, along came Spotify. My life – changed forever.

Music was there at my fingertips. I had access to whatever song I wanted (besides Rihanna‘s new album – which is now on the music service after months of being absent) and I was loving it! Although, I found myself listening to the songs that i already had…yeah, I was pretty much wasting an amazing service. However, i then discovered that you could take your music anywhere with you, and i mean, anywhere. There was a cool switch inside the app that allowed you to listen to your songs whilst offline. This basically meant downloading all the songs in the playlist of your choice (which could be all of them if you had sufficient space) and then Spotify would store them in the app for your convenience. No longer was i subdued to silence or the public of London on my commutes to work. I sat happily, with Mariah Carey harmonising in my ears, i was in heaven.

A massive 5 taps from me, Spotify you rock my world.



Radballs Review

Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at 20.29.20



Kinda like a musical Tetris with better music. Much better music.

The aim of the game is to create blocks, made up of the little balls that fall onto your screen. The description on the App Store goes like this “addictive, beat fueled action puzzler for your iPad, iPhone and iPod” (for those of you who have iPods, I suggest you get an iPhone already). The game boasts some original musical scores exclusively for the app, produced by Neil Voss (of N64 fame) there are also guest appearances from Com Truise, Misfit Chris and Daze.

image (4)

The game is very reminiscent of old school arcade style puzzlers, remixed with DJ games that are more 2000’s. You can even add in your own music to make it more enjoyable.

The visuals are beautiful, the colours literally burst out all over your face. I’d keep a wet wipe handy. The only downside to this app, it still isn’t optimized for the iPhone 5 screen…why? I do not know, the iPhone is now a year old. Come on Glow Play, get your act together!

Well done Glow Play, you’ve given us another 4 taps.



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