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Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Review




This one is mainly for Final Fantasy fans. As you will know, we all have deep, emotional connections with the ones we have played, countless hours sat staring at the TV falling in love with your favourite character. Mine being Tidus from Final Fantasy X, still my second most favourite video game EVER!

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The Final Fantasy Series has been around for years, setting the standards for every other RPG game out there. Countless times they have pushed the bench mark, visually and with their story telling. Capturing imaginations all across the globe. This little app they released last Christmas lets you jam along to your favourite songs from the Final Fantasy games, it’s a free app, however the songs are available through purchases that are made inside their store. It comes packed with two songs, one from FFX and another from FFVII.

If you’re a devoted fan to the series I suggest you download this now, it’s available for both the iPhone and the iPad!

Thank you for the nostalgia SQUARE ENIX!

Another 4 stars.




Final Fantasy is my jam and this game is completely up my street. I love playing Guitar Hero and anything like it so to be able to listen to some of the best scored music for games and tap along to them is a dream come true, really – it is!

It’s got everyone you love, including Chocobos 😀


The game has 3 different difficulties including expert for those of you who think you’re pretty great at anything. The 2 free levels you can play are a nice length and you get some decent playing time, I’d only wish since last Christmas they’d of maybe added at least a few more free levels or even better switched them round once in a while.

Personally anything Final Fantasy gets a 5 taps from me 😉 –




Clay Jam Review




Do you remember the days of FarmVille? Who doesn’t remember the days of FarmVille is a better question. Zynga was once a part of our everyday life, when Facebook had a much stronger hold on the lives of all of us, allowing this game company to monopolise the social network. They had every game going for the browser users and the requests came pouring in (I almost deactivated my Facebook until I found out you could block requests – the names of people I won’t mention), constant reminders to water my plants or join my friends in a word game or to stock my shop. These kind of games and requests catapulted Zynga into the stratosphere, making millionaires and investment into loads of other, similar, time consuming browser games. Thankfully, those days are behind us.

Here’s another one you might remember, Draw Something, yes, I thought so. A popular app by an independent developer team who just wanted it’s users to have a good time guessing each others drawings. For some it was a creative outlet, allowing them to showcase their artistic skills to their network of friends. For others it was proof that their ‘F’ in art was genuine. Draw Something was a smash, everybody had it, you couldn’t escape it! Not long passed until it grabbed the attention of the execs over at Zynga, they wanted it, they needed it after all. Their games were losing users daily and their presence in the social arena was becoming dimmer. Fast forward a couple of months and you guessed it, Zynga now owned the game. They added a few new features, people got bored and once again Zynga was on the way down again.

That was until they released this cute, original game. Clay Jam. The entire game is built of clay, every aspect from the buttons to the social connections are all made of the squidgy stuff we used to play with as kids!

The gameplay was basic, all you have to do was help a little clay ball get it’s home back. You did this by guiding it down a hill, destroying other clay badies, each one you squished made you bigger as their clay became part of you, the bigger you are, the badder the enemies you can kill. That simple. It’s safe for me to say that the rest of the game will be more enjoyable if you discover it yourself ;).


The app costs nothing and i don’t ever remember seeing it hit the top spot in the App Store.

Well done Zynga Inc. you have another treasure in your hands.



Doodle God Review




The power of creation is in your hands! In this addictive, ALL ages, puzzle game. Mix and match different ombinations of fire, earth, wind and air to create an entire universe.

When it comes to Science, you think of the basic stuff, like planets, the human body, sperm, photosynthesis and all the other stuff that you can remember from secondary school. I’d say that Doodle God is a science app, or should i say a science game, however, let’s just say this game kinda muddles up the letters in the word science. You’re left with the parts of science that were banned from the curricular activities you used to innocently perform, for most of us anyway, the ones who cut open poor innocent lambs (bahh) you should be used to the reactions you’d find in this game.

photo 5 (1) photo 3

Let me tell you a little bit about what you do on this game, you buy the app for 69p on the App Store, you open it, and it presents you with the Doodle Wizard, he tells you a little bit about the universe before time was created, you know, all the stuff that God created before he created man. After he’s done this, he leaves the power of creation to you. Sounds exciting right! From there on you use every brain cell you have to work out what it is you need to create, your task is to combine two objects together to make an equal or better object. For example, a human combined with sex would equal life. A cart combined with a wheel would equal a wagon, and so on.

For most parts, it’s fun, quick and the reactions you perform can be quite surprising. Some are quirky, others are wacky and some are just god damn freaky. I can guarantee that you that this will be one of the most pleasant and uplifting games you can play, each new object you make leaves you intrigued about what you can create with it. Those moments when you have a few minutes to spare, say goodbye to your boredom, this game takes it away for you!

Download it, give it a chance and if you can’t get enough, rejoice! This game has cousins – Doodle Devil AND Doodle Farm!

Another 4 taps here at tapAPP, well done JoyBits!



Kingdom Rush: Frontiers Review




I have been playing this game since it’s release at the beginning of June and since then it’s consumed nearly all of my free time, in fact, i think on some occasions I made time to play the game.

photo 1

Gameplay – the game consists of multiple levels situated on a map. The goal is to protect your land from dragons, man-eating plants and ghastly denizens of the underworld. You have bases on each level to build 4 towers of your choice, either a mage, archer, soldiers or artillery. Each with their own unique upgrades and abilities, you tactically place them to prevent any enemies passing through your land. It may sound easy but from experience, it’s one hard son of a bitch when it gets going.

The first level starts off like most other first levels, the basics, you get to know how the game works, what you have to do and what not to do to succeed. Just like life, you learn as you go along. But this time with magic stuff and lots of bombs!

photo 5

I bought the app for £2.99, the best £2.99 i have ever spent. Everything about the game is beautiful, the voiceovers of the characters gives it character and humour, the big bosses are really cool too, i found myself getting all excited when they’d show up to my surprise.

Our first game to receive 5 out of 5 taps! Well done  IronHide!


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